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Major Phil Jones
Major Carl King
Jim Hayden
Richard Brandon
Gary "Rosie" Rosen
Pete Hoban Jake Jacobs Jerry Lilly
Mark {Dusty} and Diane Hathaway Doc Roger and Odette Sellon
Ruben (Doc Chico) Garcia

This is the list so far of those attending the Nov. 2012 reunion in San Diego. I will keep it updated whenever someone tells me or Carl that they are going.
Note #13

March 4, 2012
For those interested in going to the 2/1 reunion which will be held in San Diego this year, CLICK HERE to pull up the 2/1 newsletter and learn all about it.


There is no itinery yet as our Officers / Trustees meeting in San Diego isn't till April 23rd when we will start to put every
thing together...

Our Banquet Dinner will be the evening of the Marine Corps Birthday.

We also will be going to MCRD San Diego, Tom Langs Bar-B-Que at his home, and a tour of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier... The dates are yet to be determined...

EXTRA EXTRA INFO: If you don't get the 2/1 Newsletter each month, GO HERE to read the current one as it contains other information about the reunion. It also contains a small article about me grandson.

Note #12

February 15, 2012

Added photo album and first story for Gary "Rosie" Rosen.

Note #11
Most of us, not being professional writers, make mistakes. We use a wrong word, "there" "their" "They're" or forget that Paris Island is spelled "Parris". So, it has been decided that myself, then Carl King will edit your work. All effort will be made to change nothing and when the article is uploaded, you will be notified of the edit so you can verify our work. Thanks for understanding.

Note #10

Saturday, August 20, 2011
Writings and a picture album for Mike Donovan added.

Photo album for John Ciummo added.

Note #9
There has been a change in the policy of OUR WRITINGS. We hope all will see the immense value of this change. We want each person to write their own history. This is for public viewing and should cover your time in Hotel Company as well as the short version of your entire time in the Corps. It is requested that every member of Hotel do this please.
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Note #7
Reunion photos. Have you attended a reunion and have photos? There is a couple reunions with very few pictures. I lost a photo cell from my digital camera so I have none of the Denver reunion. Please scan and submit your reunion photos. Thanks.
Note #6
Please offer help wherever you see the need.  I, the web master, have only limited contact with a limited number of people.  All the help, especially in the area of making new contacts, is a great need.
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Above all, help our brothers by encouraging them to check in. The best way is to sign the guest book and to send their information to the web master to ensure they get entered on the Roll Call. Also, we now have a biography questionnaire that will help you remember and get your bio in. It consist of 3 sections and is located in 3 different places on the site. You will have no trouble finding it.
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There are still several platoon and squad pictures that are either missing or not captioned. Please help in all areas so our web site will become more complete and instructional as we move along.
Note #3
How many in-country pictures do you have? We would appreciate you sharing them. Go to the picture albums through the company office and see the many wonderful pictures that have been donated to view. If you can scan yours about 6x8 that is a good size. If you have a lot and can't scan them, maybe you would send them to me, I'll scan them, and send them back the very next day.

Also, if you see pictures up and recognize the people and dates, location, etc., please send that information as an update.

Additionally, are your copies of photos better quality than the ones I have posted? Will you please scan yours so I can replace the bad ones with better copies? Thanks.
Note #2
Be sure to check the guest book and Roll Call to see who has e-mail links.  If you know anyone who has no posted e-mail and you know it please send it to the web master, link below, so I can ask their permission to add their e-mail to the Roll Call.
Note #1 This is where the notes and bulletins will be posted for Hotel members and visitors. You can contact members through the Roll Call and contact the web master though the many links  throughout the site. Majors Jones and King as well as many others are linked in the Roll Call as well as many may be in the guest book also.