1st. Lt. C.V. Taylor

       1st. Lt.. Taylor, Born in Johnson City, Tennessee, and I was raised in Michigan.  I was attending East Tennessee State University in Johnson City when, for no earthly reason I can think of, I decided to join the military. 
       Recruiting offices were in the post office and as I walked in the door, a Marine Gunny in dress blues grabbed my arm and pulled me in his office…the rest is history.  Christmas 1965 in the old, wooden squad bay (DI put a red ribbon around one of the squad bay support posts – just like home).  Made Pfc. and honor man at Parris Island, then to Pensacola, Fla. for Communication Technician school.  Made Cpl. 
      The CO took a liking to me and decided I should be an officer.  I was sent to OCS at Quantico, as a 0311 infantry Officer. I graduated June 1967, and then I was off to the lovely beaches of Viet Nam, about July or August or 1967.  Spent the night at the airfield with F-4s roaring all night, which didn’t help you very much to enjoy any attempt at a good nights sleep.  That morning, I took a truck (6x6), to Quang Tri, and then to 2nd Bn., 1st Marines.  The Bn. Cdr. told me where 1st Plat was, and I walked over to where he had directed me to be in order to find them. I found about a dozen raggedy-ass Marines sitting around a hooch and asked them where 1st Plat was?  They said, “This is it.”  They had just returned from operation Medina and were somewhat under strength.
     I had the Platoon for about 6 or 7 months from about August of ’67 through Jan or Feb ’68.  I had them at Quang Tri, Con Thien and a little while at Khe Sahn, where I took over Hotel Company, maybe Feb or Mar ‘68.  Had the company on the night march out of Khe Sanh, and for a while at Mai Tse Tai up on the Cua Viet River.  Maybe two months, like March, April, and May ’68.  I became Bn S-4 for last month or so – I remember embarking the Bn out of Mai Tsi Tai and back down to Da Nang. Just a few weeks in Da Nang and I flew out to the states.
      I stayed in the Corps after Viet Nam and served as Company Commander, H&S 1/5, S-3 for 2/5, CO, MarDet, USS Ticonderoga for 2 years, Instructor in the Leadership Department at Quantico, Pacific desk officer in Plans Division at PP&O at HQMC, Training Division at Quantico and retired as a LtCol from Quantico in 1991 (26 years).
      I have been the assistant director of a police academy here in Fredericksburg, VA since 1991.  I get a lot of Marines getting out at Quantico who come down here to train as cops.  And you know they are our best students!
      Married, no children and have a 50 acre registered Black Angus farm in King George, VA… So if you know anybody wants to be a cop or wants some of the finest beef around, I’m the man to see!

Semper Fi,


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